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This is it. I'm packed, I'm ready to go. This is everything I'm taking with me, including what I'll be wearing in the morning and what will be in my pockets (except for the jacket and hat I left by the door).

Total weight: 23 lbs.

That includes:

- passport + wallet (the key ingredients)
- legal documentation that I have yellow fever and hepatitis a/b vaccines
- three days' worth of clothing for mixed warm/cool wet/dry weather
- a sun hat and a rain hat
- hiking shoes and open sandals
- emergency medical supplies
- full compliment of toiletires
- lots of sunscreen and mosquito repellant
- two kinds of anti-malaria medication
- emergency food rations
- two water bottles (one with crazy good filtration system)
- two digital cameras (one pocket-size, one not so)
- string mono/duo-pod and gorillapod for camera stabilization
- insanely bright LED flashlight
- 24 AA batteries for flashlight and cameras
- all kinds of crazy foreign power adaptors
- one laptop with power supply and external hard drive
- one Audio-Technica AT2035 condenser microphone + shockmount and XLR cable (special request from a recording studio I'll be visiting in Arusha)

and... some other stuff I can't remember

I really can't believe it all fits...

I even managed to keep the laptop and 1-quart bag of 3-oz containers (!@#$!@#$ TSA) easy to take out and put back in for the inevitable security check.

So, anyway. Off I go.
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