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A singular cat thrill.

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From my oven:

The zucchini is garden-fresh, too!

And soon!
From my garden:
tomatoes, eggplant, chilis and more!
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Does anybody happen to know the color values (hex or otherwise) for the two gray tones in the original hatelife? I've been staring at terminal windows all day and realized that color scheme would be perfect.

Somehow I know I'm off a little...
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I would never say designing hardware is more difficult than designing software. They're completely different. It takes a different kind of nerd with a different kind of brain to do each and every kind of design work. Ask the average person about a computer and they'll only know about the user interface and enclosure design.

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In the end, though, it's all worth it to see an awesome computer do amazing things and be a useful tool for whatever you want to do with it.
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At the weiner dog races at Golden Gate Fields. It's pretty awesome. The dogs won't even run in a straight line. Very entertaining.

It would be nice if this app gave options to upload photos to other services for non-paid LJ cheapskates like me. Gotta find an FTP app or something...

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Dear Craigslist Scammers and Spammers,

Thank you so very much for making your messages easy to identify as fake. Please continue to refer to what I'm selling as "the item" and also please continue to tell me the same story about wanting me to ship "the item" to your son, who is overseas, for his birthday.

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I've updated the listing with a note reminding people to tell me what it is they want to buy in the message, in the hopes that I get a reply that doesn't sound like a scam.
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I've got to say, it must be pretty cool for app developers to see their stuff up on screen, boppin' to the beat of their income flowing in. Issues aside, and there are many to be sure, this business model is good for independent developers.

Anybody else I know headed to the WWDC bash in Yerba Buena on Thursday night?
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This hack allows using the accelerometer in an Apple laptop to simulate the iPhone accelerometer. Lack of accelerometer control was a major limitation of Simulator. Not any more!

1. compile motion from UniMotion:
2. include accelerometer-simulator:
3. run python script from iFiddling:

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First Second pass, before it goes to eBay...

I'm going to sell my DSLR stuff to get a slightly more compact and newer camera for my upcoming trip. After seeing some use in 2006 this stuff has mostly been sitting in the bag until now.

Canon Digital Rebel (AKA 300D) DS6041 camera body - $250 $200
6.3 megapixel
4GB CF card
2 batteries + charger
camera body cap + shoulder strap

Canon EF 70-300mm zoom lens - $450 $400
1:4-5.6 aperture
two mode image stabilization (with off switch to save battery)
1.5m macro
front and rear capss + 58mm UV filter for protection

Sigma 28-300mm zoom lens - $200 $150
1:3.5-6.3 aperture
front and rear caps + 67mm UV filter for protection

Buy all three and I throw in the Tamrac Expedition 3 bag

Edit: I think my prices were probably a bit high. I've lowered everything by $50 each, or buy it all for $700 including the bag.
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I've been living in my current apartment for two years and a few months. During the first year, around thanksgiving time, the sewer pipes clogged up and threatened to overflow my kitchen sink. They actually did overflow my neighbor's kitchen sink because I think they're slightly downhill form us. Then about a year later it happened again. Then again after another six months, then three months.

Yesterday it was about one month since the last occurrence and once again, nasty water in my kitchen sink. It's even worse for my neighbors because once again they got nasty water on their kitchen floor. So plumbers came, ran a pipe snake down the vent pipe from the roof, and my sink once again drained. This morning, not even a day after they "fixed" it, clog.

I swear, if I had recorded the dates this would be a perfect logarithmic plot of nasty.

So on monday when the real property manager is in, my neighbor and I are going to demand satisfaction. To really fix this they'd probably have to move us out, rip up the floor, and replace all of the pipes. Whatever it takes, man. I'm sick of this shit. Literally.

The other option is that we'll go in on buying a duplex with the neighbors and move the hell out of this clogged up place. We've got the perfect excuse to break our lease.

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Today I am a man.

I don't need any damn vaccine. I ate the snake.
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I'm thirty today.

In other news, I've just booked tickets for the first of two grand adventures this year. I used credit card air miles, so (aside form taxes and fees) the tickets were free. Also because of this I had to get creative with layovers and stopovers to get to my final destination. Itinerary:

Jul 4: San Francisco -> New York
Jul 7: New York -> London
Jul 8: London -> Nairobi

From Nairobi I'll take a bus the next day to Arusha, Tanzania. I'll spend two weeks there with my cousins. No solid plans, but I intend to see Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, and Ngorongoro Crater. Most of the time will probably be spent just wandering around, eating, soaking up local flavor.

Then I fly back.

Jul 22: Nairobi -> London
Jul 23: London -> New York
Jul 24: New York -> San Francisco

So during the travels I'll have three nights in New York, one night in London, one night in Nairobi, and then another night in New York on the way back. I'm going to book the cheapest hotels or hostels for that stuff and also just wander around. I'm not big on planning, I'd rather just explore.
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I bet you were wondering when a game with more muscles than Choaniki would finally come out. Look no further than Muscle March. Just another item on the list of reasons I need to get a Wii.
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If this is fraud, I really don't understand.

Perhaps some kind of massively distributed micro-fraud? Kind of like the Superman 3 scam...

The only history of any kind of issue with Oregon Surf Shop I could find was a forum posting about somebody apparently having their card number taken from the place. But I've never even been to that town.


Edit: I'd already reported the charge as fraudulent basically immediately after seeing it. Now I've cancelled the card. The only question I'm left with is if this surf shop was merely a tool in somebody's fraud or if they were complicit... hmmm...
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Still sick.

I blame my cold entirely on this pig.
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Uh-oh. Sore throat.

It must be the bacon lung.
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I just remembered my 40% discount on m-audio gear, so my audio interface choice has changed. New pending gear purchase lineup:

So off to eBay with the Yamaha TG-77 and the RM1x and I'll have the funds to get all of this. I'll also want a snake or two to connect the mixer and audio interface through the patchbay.

The only item I haven't decided on is a phono preamp to replace my DJ mixer. [ profile] beatings' recent dumping spree reminded me of my need to rip and expunge my vinyl collection. There are some really choice samples and beats hiding in that pile of cardboard and plastic. And of course, [ profile] shinkagakusha will get first right of refusal on all of my vinyl.

This is all off in the future after I actually take the time to record it all, but it will happen. Next time I move, I will not be moving vinyl with me. Same goes for the CD collection and maybe even the DVDs. Physical media: the end.
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I'm selling my Yamaha TG-77, among other things. I'm asking $150, which I think is a totally reasonable price. The last three TG-77s that sold on eBay went for $182.50, $232.50, $163.50, each plus shipping.

But this guy keeps calling me expecting me to sell it to him for $100 and getting mad at me when I won't come back at him with a lower price. I don't think he understands how haggling works. If he made a more reasonable offer, I might start to budge. Also, the yelling isn't helping. Since he keeps calling me, he obviously wants it. So I wait. Or I'll just block his number and put it on eBay and probably get more than $150 minus the time and annoyance of dealing with eBay. Better than dealing with this guy.

Seriously man, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is basically the definition of crazy.
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