Jun. 6th, 2009

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I've been living in my current apartment for two years and a few months. During the first year, around thanksgiving time, the sewer pipes clogged up and threatened to overflow my kitchen sink. They actually did overflow my neighbor's kitchen sink because I think they're slightly downhill form us. Then about a year later it happened again. Then again after another six months, then three months.

Yesterday it was about one month since the last occurrence and once again, nasty water in my kitchen sink. It's even worse for my neighbors because once again they got nasty water on their kitchen floor. So plumbers came, ran a pipe snake down the vent pipe from the roof, and my sink once again drained. This morning, not even a day after they "fixed" it, clog.

I swear, if I had recorded the dates this would be a perfect logarithmic plot of nasty.

So on monday when the real property manager is in, my neighbor and I are going to demand satisfaction. To really fix this they'd probably have to move us out, rip up the floor, and replace all of the pipes. Whatever it takes, man. I'm sick of this shit. Literally.

The other option is that we'll go in on buying a duplex with the neighbors and move the hell out of this clogged up place. We've got the perfect excuse to break our lease.



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